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a little about me...

my name is June Lillian Lantzer...

i was not born in the month of June... rumor has it that i am named after a pretty girl from my fathers childhood
i can not sit still when music is playing
i talk to strangers
i like to do regular indoor activities outside
i have a list making addiction
i think my daughter is totally RAD and being her momma is the greatest HONOR
i think my husband is a dreamboat and even after 19 years he still makes my heart flutter
i have a recovering black thumb & a garden that i say prayers for daily
i believe that with love, faith and patience that all things will be provided in this life
i believe in real life fairy tales & happy endings & that all things are possible
i love to think outside of the box, but i would never dream of coloring outside of the lines

it would bring me no greater joy than to collect memories for & connect with as many people as possible in this lifetime.

photo credit Dana Grant 

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